The Last Hunt, 1956, Is Playing on TCM on June 15 (USA)

The Last Hunt (1956) is playing on Turner Classic Movies on Mon, June 15, 2015 08:00 AM est.  Close captioned.

ARCHIVES : RICHARD BROOKSHave no illusions, this IS a morality story. Granger is the troubled ex-buffalo hunter, tempted back to the plains one more time by kill-crazed Taylor. Granger can see the end is near, and feels deeply for the cost of the hunt-on the herds, the Indians and the land itself. Taylor, on the other hand admittedly equates killing buffalo, or Indians to ‘being with a woman.’ While Granger’s role of the tortured hunter is superb, it’s Taylor who steals the show, as the demented, immoral ‘everyman’ out for the fast buck and the good times. There’s not a lot of bang-bang here, but the story moves along quickly, and we are treated to a fine character performance by Nolan. The theme of this story is just as poignant today, as in the 1800s-man’s relationship to the land and what’s on it, and racism. Considering when this was made, the Censors must have been wringing their hankies during the scenes in the ‘bawdy house’, Taylor’s relationship with the squaw, and much of the dialogue. Although downbeat, this is truly a great western picture. Review by bux for the IMDB.

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I became a Robert Taylor fan at the age of 15 when his TV show, "The Detectives" premiered. My mother wanted to watch it because she remembered Mr. Taylor from the thirties. I took one look and that was it. I spent the rest of my high school career watching Robert Taylor movies on late night TV, buying photos of him, making scrapbooks and being a typical teenager. College, marriage and career intervened. I remember being sad when Mr. Taylor died. I mailed two huge scrapbooks to Ursula Thiess. I hope she got them. Time passed, retirement, moving to Florida. Then in 2012 my husband Fred pointed that there were two Robert Taylor movies that evening on Turner Classic Movies--"Ivanhoe" and "Quentin Durward." I watched both and it happened all over again. I started this blog both for fans and for people who didn't know about Robert Taylor. As the blog passes 200,000 views I'm delighted that so many people have come by and hope it will help preserve the legacy of this fine actor and equally good man.
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2 Responses to The Last Hunt, 1956, Is Playing on TCM on June 15 (USA)

  1. dianne345 says:

    I really hated this movie when I saw it in a theatre in 1956. I thought, “How can MGM do this to my knight in shining armor?” It wasn’t until Ben Mankiewicz was hosting a showing several years ago on TCM that I realized what a meaty role Charlie Gilson was for Bob Taylor, & how good he was in it. Mankiewicz said that in 1956 many wondered why he was not at least nominated for an Oscar. I must agree. But of course, in his 20s he had to battle the “pretty boy” label & later was forever marked by his supposedly being a “friendly witness” for the HUAC & “naming names.” I have the DVD but plan to watch it “live” Monday for the big screen high-def.


    • giraffe44 says:

      Hi, Dianne, I love RT’s performance, especially the way Charlie Gilson is so clumsy. But the scenes of killing buffalo gross me out. I hate anything that causes pain to animals. RT certainly should have been nominated for an Oscar and would have been, I think, if it hadn’t been for political enemies. Thanks for writing.


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