Deborah Kerr doing needlework and Robert Taylor writing a letter on the set of “Quo Vadis” 1950

This section of the Robert Taylor blog is intended for letters by, to and about Robert Taylor.  He was a witty and colorful writer with a great sense of humor.  Mr. Taylor took his portable typewriter with him around the world on location. He was a prolific writer and his letters are a record of a long ago but still fascinating world.

If anyone has such a letter and would like to send me the text, that would be much appreciated.  I’m not asking for the physical letters nor for any legal rights to the letters or their content.  This is another way to introduce a fine actor and a terrific person to an audience that may not remember him.  It’s also for the enjoyment of those of us who remember him well.


This envelope is for sale on eBay November 2016.

envelope064 envelope065

It is from Italy and addressed to Signor Robert Taylor, Metro Goldwyn Studios, Hollywod, Culver City, California.  In the lower left it says United States in Italian.  The postmark is unreadable but the stamp is for 1.25 lire and has the profile of Victor Emmanuel.  For some reason I find this fascinating.

9 Responses to Letters

  1. Увлечение Роберта Тейлора – писать письма говорит о том, что он обладал не только красивейшей внешностью, но и прекрасной,романтичной душей. Он действительно мужчина-СОВЕРШЕНСТВО! Я -большая поклонница Роберта Тейлора, собираю коллекцию его фильмов, рисую его портреты и не перестаю им восхищаться!


  2. eduard says:

    Hi, I have three letters wich I would love to share with you. I recently sold a fourt one (wich I regret) but I still have a scan of it as well. Great content in these letters.
    Where can I email the scans to?


  3. Ketty Friedmann says:

    I have not found the film about the horses of the riding school of Viena during the world war ll Disney has done it.
    With Robert Taylor,Curd Jurgens It is wonderful


  4. Ketty Friedmann says:

    The director was Arthur Hiller..1967


  5. Ketty Friedmann says:

    I found the name Miracle of the white stallions. produced by Walt Disney


  6. Andrew Dock says:

    Strange although he appeared in Westerns he is mostly forgotten as a Western star, James Stewart and Audie Murphy but where is Robert Taylor?
    I think he was and is overlooked, and l dont know why; he was quite convincing and better than many.


  7. giraffe44 says:

    Andrew, you’re right. The Hollywood establishment hates Mr. Taylor, even now, because he testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1947. He didn’t want to but he was subpoeaned and had to go. He only testified for 35 minutes but the communists and their sympathizers never forgave him. Even before this, his incredible good looks made many people dismiss him as a lightweight. I agree that it is unfair and that he made a number of excellent Westerns–Westward the Women, The Law and Jake Wade, Saddle the Wind, Billy the Kid, Cattle King and others. Thanks again for writing.


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