Books and Authors I Like

I’ve begun a second blog about reading.  Reading is a passion of mine so I thought I would share some books and authors I like. There’s only two authors so far, but it will grow off and on.  Check it out if you like:

12 Responses to Books and Authors I Like

  1. andrew dock says:

    i dont know if you are interested but i am setting up a website of 13 conservative actress from the Golden age of Hollywood; with a article about Barbara Stanwyck it will take another 3 months before it goes up next will be conservative actors.I dont know the politics of Robert Taylor; i am going to call it Hollywoods golden age a conservative film website.


    • giraffe44 says:

      Mr. Taylor was very conservative. He was forced to testify before the HUAC hearings in 1947 and the left has hated him ever since. He was also the person Patti Davis (Reagan) called her father Ronald Reagan’s only male friend. He campaigned for Reagan for governor. He was even considered as the candidate before Mr. Reagan. Mr. Taylor and Ms. Stanwyck were on the same page politically.


  2. andrew dock says:

    Thank you for the information have you thought of putting up a link to the Barbara Stanwyck website on google; it would be good; have you read Victoria Wilson 1000 page book vol 1 2013 on Barbara Stanwyck i assume Robert Taylor inside.


  3. andrew dock says:

    Victoria Wilson book on Barbara Stanwyck is on amazon to buy


  4. giraffe44 says:

    I have the book and enjoyed it very much.


  5. andrew dock says:

    right here we go!
    A mission statement 10 pages
    my web site will have 15 actress
    20 pages
    plus 15 for film reviews
    i hope it will encourage other conservatives to look for conservative cultural icons on the film web pages and put up conservative film websites.

    so many of the stars from the golden age were conservative its stunning!
    andrew dock


  6. andrew dock says:

    A lovely website you must be proud – andrew


  7. giraffe44 says:

    Thank you. I don’t spend as much time on it as I should. Reading is very important to me.


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