Robert Taylor Trivia: the Women’s Press Corps Awards Luncheon

Louella Parsons founded The Hollywood Women’s Press Club in 1928. The club was originally a luncheon club for women magazine and newspaper journalists, but in 1941 admitted publicists and subsequently screen writers and others. The club admitted men from the late 1970s.

The Hollywood Women’s Press Club awarded The Golden Apple Award to entertainers for behavior, not performance. The award was presented from 1941 until 2001, when the Hollywood Women’s Press Club became inactive. The awards ceremony included Golden Apples to recognize actors for being easy to work with, as well as the Sour Apple Award  for being rude or difficult. Winners of the former include Bob Hope (1941) and Mae West (1969).  Frank Sinatra (1946, 1951 and 1974), Elvis Presley (1966), and Joan Rivers (1983) won the Sour Apple Award.


Robert Taylor, Robert Stack, Barbara Stanwyck, George Nader and press agent Helen Ferguson, October 1954 Women’s Press Club Awards.

From 1941 to 1966, the Golden Apple winners were  called “The Most Cooperative Actor/Actress”, while the Sour Apple winners were  called “The Least Cooperative Actor/Actress”. Starting in 1967, Golden Apple was changed to “The Male/Female Star of the Year” and the Sour Apple winner was called “The Sour Apple Winner”. From 1974 on there were additional – though sporadic – presentations of Golden Apples for “New Star”, “New Discovery”, “Daytime Star” and “Hollywood Legend”.

Robert Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck at the Women's Press Club Silver Anniversary October 1954

Robert Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck at the Women’s Press Club Silver Anniversary October 1954

The Louella Parsons Award was introduced in 1970. This “Lifetime Achievement” award was named for columnist Louella Parsons, founder of the Hollywood Women’s Press Club. Recipients include Danny Thomas (1970) and Kirk Douglas, and Aaron Spelling (1998). (Adapted from Wikipedia)

RT543 (4)

Bob Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck share a laugh as Robert Stack watches.

In 1961 Barbara Stanwyck won the award for the Most Cooperative Actress and in 1983 she shared the Female Star of the Year Award with Ann-Margret.

On October 26, 1954 the Women’s Press Club awards were held at Steve Crane’s Luau restaurant. The Luau, opened in 1953 on Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills. It was owned by Lana Turner’s husband, Steven Crane and it was a popular celebrity hangout throughout the 50’s, 60’s and 70s. They had big Tiki Gods, Polynesian Chairs, drinks on fire and a moat around the joint with a bridge leading to the entrance.

RT543 (5)

The Bobs (Taylor and Stack) look bored while Barbara Stanwyck is animated and Louella Parsons (left) distracted.

That year the Golden Apples went to Martin & Lewis and Debbie Reynolds.  A Sour Apple went to Edmond Purdom. Among the celebrities attending were Robert Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck, George Nader and Robert Stack.  Although Mr. Taylor and Ms. Stanwyck were divorced, they remained friends, or as Ms. Stanwyck put it, had become friends again.

Bs, BT & GNader sat together at Hollywood Women's ress party which was held at Steve Crane's Luau restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Barbara Stanwyck, Bob Taylor and George Nader sat together at Hollywood Women’s Press party which was held at Steve Crane’s Luau restaurant in Beverly Hills.

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  1. b&wmovienut says:

    The thumbnail picture for the posting is not included in the posting itself (the picture of Stanwyck, Taylor, and Nader with Stanwyck pointing). Is there another way to access a larger version of it? I’ve never seen it before. Thanks.


    • giraffe44 says:

      I went over all of the pictures and checked that they are ok. The Stanwyck,Taylor, Nader picture should enlarge now. I recently found a stock of Taylor pictures that had been lost for years and that was one of them.


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